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Benny's Books



SAFARI The Fine Art Book Benny Rebel Cover Einband DSC00550 200pxSAFARI


The most luxurious FINE-ART-BOOK in the world!

Benny Rebel published his fifth book in the spring of 2015.


ungezaehmt 200px

On 26 June 2006 Benny Rebel published his first book of pictures with the title


It contains more than 160 colored  pictures which have partially gained international awards.
Professor Heinz Sielmann, the well-known wildlife film-maker has written the preface.

It came out in the Herbig publishing house and has the following
Order number: ISBN-3-7766-2484-1.
The price is € 39,90.




“Wildlife of Africa in 3-D”3D Umschlag 200pix

Benny Rebel´s second book was published on 27 February 2007 in the Terra Magica publishing house.

Order number:
ISBN 978-3-7243-1001-3.
The price is € 19,90.






Mein Abenteuer Wildnis Cover 700On 20 Janurary 2010 Benny Rebel published his third book with the title

“My adventure wilderness”

It contains 240 pages and the size is 17,3 x 24,5 cm.
The price is € 19,90.
It came out in the terra magica publishing house and has the following order number: ISBN-978-3-7243-1027-3








Bild-Design 400On 07.12.2010 Benny Rebel published his fourth book with the title

"Image-Design"  /  Simple ways to better pictures

The most important rules of color and image design!
The price for an E-Book is € 6,99

It contains 80 pages with 145 photos and the size is 25 x 18,5 cm
It came out in the publishing house and has the following order number: ISBN 978-3-00-033042-1

Watch and buy it here.