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School project

“Too beautiful to die”- a school project by Benny Rebel
Conservation for children


Showings of multimedia shows at schools and in kindergartens
Benny Rebel, the award-winning wildlife photographer and author brings the wilderness into your school.
He has been doing  multimedia shows in schools and kindergartens for a few years in order to draw the children´s attention to the world of animals and to our wonderful nature.
These events are always very successful and all participants are thrilled by the show.
Rebel presents his show which has especially been produced for the young public and then speaks with the children about the behavior of different animals, their special qualities and how these wonderful creatures can be protected. Furthermore he offers a questionnaire with all the answers to the teachers so that they can go through all the issues again after the show which had  been discussed during the show. This is for the teachers to deepen the information of the show during the following days.

This work is conservation-based work as the children of today are the voters and politicians of tomorrow. The earlier we pass on important moral concepts to them, the bigger is the chance that they will achieve them.

Therefore I am appealing to you to take part!
Should you, as a representative of schools and kindergartens, be interested in a presentation of the show, please contact us. A presentation is possible all over the federal territory.
Tshukudu Media/ Stammestr.54/ 30459 Hannover/ Tel.0511/ 4581876/
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At this place you will read an article from  a newspaper and further on  reviews of different teachers and pupils about Benny Rebel´s school project.

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung vom 13.2.2008

Extreme Conservation: Rebel And The Wild Animals

A wildlife photographer shows his pictures to a kindergarten and the children were bubbling with joy . “People tend to protect things they know” says the wildlife photographer Benny Rebel.
That is the reason why the native Iranian has been travelling all over the world to take pictures of wild animals from a very close distance.
Yesterday the 39-year –old Greenpeace member visited the “Engenser Kindergarten” in order to fill the children with enthusiasm for conservation and for the animals.
The award-winning photographer has created his multimedia show especially for children.
And it did not miss its effect: The young audience commented on every picture with loud shouts.
The teachers had trouble keeping their protégés  in check due to the fact that Rebel´s pictures are quite vivid and impressing: There is for example the hippo which nearly seems to swallow the photographer with his wide-opened mouth and all of this is supported by  Rebel´s self-composed music.
“Hippos are the most dangerous animals of Africa-they kill more people than all the other animals together”, Rebel informs the children.

For his pictures he always takes the risk of death, although he does not want to admit this fact.
“ It is not dangerous when you know what you are doing”. Rebel attended a training as a ranger in Africa- now he takes pictures  from the shortest distance of predators eating and even gives leopards a piggy back ride”.
“Basically I do all this for conservation reasons. You can reach a considerably bigger audience with photos. And the children are the politicians of tomorrow” Rebel, the man who spends  some months in the wilderness every year, admits. For two years he has been visiting different kindergartens with his show.

Impressing Multimedia Show at Coburg´s Primary Schools

The environmental representative and teacher of the Pestalozzischool, Karin Lobedank,  invited the award-winning wildlife photographer and author Benny Rebel from Hannover to Coburg after she took notice of him on  TV and in the internet. She has already known his kind of work since years.
“ For the conservation topic in connection with wildlife photography he is just the right person and knows it like no one else how to bring the wild into our school!”

Benny Rebel presented his extraordinary multimedia show on 23 April 2008 three times, namely to the pupils of the Pestalozzi School as well as to the classes of the Ketschendorfer Primary School and the Jean-Paul-School  who were interested in it .
Afterwards he spoke with the children about the behavior of the animals, their special  qualities and how these wonderful creatures can be protected.
All the involved persons were highly concentrated, absolutely enthusiastic and very impressed.
The youngsters commented every photo with “ahhs” and “ohhs”. All the other questions of the pupils, which the expert Rebel answered patiently, were shown due to the fact  that the audience appreciated the multimedia show very much.
The children even paid constant  attention to this unforgettable and until now exceptional event. Some expressed spontaneously their wish to become wildlife photographers and plan class-internal exhibitions of their photos.
Another nice and educationally important side-effect became clear very soon.
Rebel brought back empathy for the animals and also curiosity for nature and our environment, which was appropriate for children but however very exciting.

On 24 April 2008 Benny Rebel also presented his multimedia show at the Luther School and the Heimatring School in Coburg.
The headmistress, Barbara Hannweber ( Lutherschool) would like to see these  kinds of extremely good presentations more often as she noticed that all children and teachers were extraordinarily impressed by the lively pictures of the animals.
Her schoolboy Konstantin( 8 years old), changed his career plans for the future from becoming a policeman to the dream job as wildlife photographer and environmentalist.
His schoolmate who is also 8 years old, decided spontaneously to give up her wish to become a doctor and to start immediately with the photography.

All the involved schools plan to give priority to the subjects conservation and animals .
“We intend to plan a whole week with different speakers in order to give everybody the feeling that he himself can do something for conservation” said the representative for conservation in a conversation with the head teacher and Benny Rebel. That he will come back to Coburg- that much is nearly certain.

schulkinder386Three “essays from pupils” from a first class

Luca (7 years old):
It was a good show .Benny showed us nice animals. I really liked it, especially how he carries a leopard on his back.

Jessica (6 years old):
I really liked it. The leopard was beautiful.

Robin ( 7 years old):
It was very pleasant to me. I liked the zebras. Please come back again!

Humboldtschool, Hannover, pupil´s review in the school newspaper

An event concerning the subject “conservation” in the Humboldt School with Benny Rebel

On Monday, 18 February 2008 an event whose topic was conservation took place for the 5th and 6th classes in the hall of the Humboldtschool. Benny Rebel, a photographer and environmentalist wanted to lead our attention to the nature.
He told us a lot about his work and that he has already discussed this subject in two books that he published. His next book will be published soon.
He showed us pictures of animals in the great outdoors of Africa and an impressing show, in which he presented his own pictures of rhinos, elephants, monkeys and different birds in their natural habitats underlined with music.
It was nearly incomprehensible for us that he could even approach the dangerous rhinos up to three meters. One picture  where Benny Rebel was playing with a leopard by carrying it on his back impressed us most. After the show we had the opportunity to ask questions which  Benny answered in detail.
By watching this show we have learned a lot about nature and that not only human beings are important. Also the animals are living things which we should support. Benny showed us how important it is to protect nature.

(two girls of the 5th class of the Humboldtschool, Hannover)