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Exhibition 2003

ausstellung1On 21 March 2003 Benny Rebel opened his exhibition “Endangered African Beauties” which could be looked at until 14 May 2003 in a gallery in Hannover.
The intention of this exhibition was to mobilize the visitors for the active protection of animals in cooperation with the WWF. Large-format pictures winded up and refined on wood, set new standards with regard to presentation  and quality

The photo specialist journal “Photography” wrote in their issue of April 2003:

Rebel meets big cat

Benny Rebel can be regarded as belonging to the young wilds of European wildlife photography.
On his numerous expeditions to African national parks, he took exciting pictures of the animals and nature. In the exhibition “Endangered African Beauties” the artist  presents a selection of fascinating photos of the endangered flora and fauna of Africa.
With his pictures Benny Rebel wants to point at the beauty of nature and create a stronger awareness of  conservation. He donates the sales’ proceeds of the around 50 exhibition photos to the conservation organization WWF.
The exhibition takes place in the “Galerie im Keller” in Hannover from 21 March until 14 May.


“Photography” issue of May 2003

African Beauties –Very close

Benny Rebel is a member of the DVF photo group  of the BSW (Bahnsozialwerk) and the Nature Lovers in Hannover. The committed wildlife photographer and environmentalist portrays  wild animals from unusual perspectives.

Benny Rebel wants to lead the observer´s attention to the beauty of nature and mobilize them to protect it. To reach this target he uses unusual means: In situations where other wildlife photographers use their  600 telephoto lenses, he approaches his motives  with his 14-millimeter wide-angle lens.
No matter if it is a leopard, a chameleon or a ground squirrel, he approaches the animals fearlessly but full of respect and very patiently. The  scratches all over his  body show that the playful ways    of his “models” are  not always harmless. Of course he does not take pictures of every wild animal in this way.

In the meantime Rebel´s work has gained worldwide recognition. You can find his name on numerous winner lists of national and international competitions. One can admire his pictures in magazines, brochures and calendars. His latest success: He became the winner of the “Wildlife Photo Competition” of a photo journal. The photographer donates his proceeds to organizations for the prevention of cruelty to animals, or immediately invest them in new journeys for new and surprising pictures.
Always looking for motives, he has already visited the USA and Mexico, the Dominican Republic, his native country Iran, Turkey, England and some European countries. His big love , however, is the African continent  with its animals.
Benny Rebels exhibition “ Endangered African Beauties” can be seen  until 14 May in the “Galerie im Keller” in Hannover.