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Exhibition 2000

Benny Rebel´s first exhibition “Too beautiful to die“ took place in the year 2000.
The aim of the exhibition was to draw the visitor´s attention to the extinction of the species and to mobilize them for active conservation.

ausstellung4You can read as follows what the press wrote about the exhibition:

Wochenspiegel/ Hannover
Nr.42- 18 October 2000

“Too beautiful to die”

Photo exhibition in the citizen house

The love for our nature can be expressed in different ways. An example of this is the photography.
“Too beautiful to die “ is the title of an exhibition which can be visited in the citizen house in Misburg at the moment. The photographer Benny Rebel is showing a small selection of his fascinating photos of African animals. We find ourselves face to face with a lion, a young gorilla watches us while we enter the room and two zebras show us cheekily their back.
The artist Rebel managed  to catch the animals, which most of us only know from the zoo and are very impressing in their natural environment. And this was Rebel´s exact intention. The background of his work is the conservation. Rebel wants to impress the observer and draw his attention to the beauty of the animals. Everyone should become aware of the fact that our nature with all of its large and small inhabitants has to be protected. His appeal is especially addressed to the young generation. Rebel is happy about every child he reaches with his animal photos. The photos that look so amusing and enchanting when they are ready, are  actually uncountable hours of hard work. Walking through the bush for miles, standing by the post for hours until the favorable moment is there and the exciting question “ When will the leopard be back or does  he even want to come back?”

Most of the exhibited photos were made in South Africa. However, Rebel has also visited other African countries, always looking for motives that are worthwhile. In these situations it was not always  as peaceful as the pictures make it appear. In the bush, danger is always present.
On most of his tours it was useful to take armed rangers with him, the 32-year –old Rebel says.
One of the rather harmless adventures was having more than 100 ticks on his body which  have once covered  the body of the photographer. A cape cobra was rather terrifying. It demonstrates strong nerves when you  take a picture in a situation like that by running backwards.
Rebel´s most exciting encounter, however, was one night, when he met a male lion who sneaked around his tent for 45 minutes. At that moment, Rebel was alone and had as a weapon  only a small knife, which would have helped him only little. The lion however was apparently interested in other things and went away. A photographer with muscles that had become hardened from the stress and strain was left behind.
The photographer who works as a Reggae DJ in his leisure and is part of  a Reggae band was born in Iran and lives in Germany since 1987. Rebel took part in different actions of Greenpeace until he found another possibility to be important for the nature and the environment, which is now the photography of nature. In 1995 he travelled around Uganda for the first time in order to take photos of chimpanzees and gorillas. His aim was to let the animals on the pictures speak for themselves. They ought to move the observer deeply in their  hearts and  arouse the desire to contribute to saving the beauty of these animals, because they are too beautiful to die.